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Theresa Rothe at the Kinderbiennale 2021

25. November 2021 | 0 comments

Why did you want to exhibit this work at the Kinderbiennale?

I thought that the fact that the work deals with an almost forgotten form of handicraft and that it is a work of art that is sustainable in itself made it fit in well with the theme of the current Kinderbiennale. I built the work in such a way that on the one hand it is easily reusable and on the other hand the walls, which the children cover with textile flowers on which they write their wishes, can be further processed in workshops with children at the end of the exhibition.

In addition, I really like to create works for and with children and perhaps give them access to the world of art.

Why did you become an artist?

I have many images and stories in my head for which I cannot find words, but for which I have found my visual language with which I can express thoughts and feelings and also want to share them with others.

What do you think children can do for the environment with these participatory and interactive artworks of the Kinderbiennale?

I believe that on the one hand, through the space in the exhibition, I have created a place to pause and come to rest, where children have the opportunity to process and reflect on what they have seen before. In addition, I hope that when you lie under the cloud, looking up at the flowery sky, you can become aware of the beauty of nature and the fragility of it, and then reflect on your wishes and hopes.

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