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Dr. Ernst Fritz-Schubert and happiness

02. December 2022 | 0 comments

How do you come to the issue of “happiness”?

My aspiration was and is that going to school should be a pleasure. Introducing happiness as a school subject may sound exotic at first glance. But on closer looking, it becomes clear that it is intended to fulfil the school’s main task, which is to prepare students for a successful life. A happy person is an effective manager of his life, who has found meaning for himself and is mindful of himself, his fellow human beings and nature. Happy students argue less, are more creative, learn more easily and know what really matters in life.

Happiness as a school subject is also in line with the standards of the World Health Organisation, which calls on all institutions to contribute to people’s physical, mental and social well-being. The earlier we begin to strengthen the personality by communicating positive attitudes, the greater the chance of achieving well-being.

Is this pedagogical approach suitable for all schools? That is, to universities as well? 

Yes, because education in the Humboldtian sense means conquering the world and finding a place in it. This is achieved less through memorising and more through joyful discovery of life and one’s own abilities. We need to stop looking at learners as barrels to be filled up with knowledge and instead light the torch of knowledge in them and inspire them.

Are you happy?

I follow the advice of the well-known psychotherapist Viktor E. Frankl : “The more man chases after happiness, the more he drives it away. What he is really looking for is a reason to be happy, and when he finds it, happiness comes by itself”.

Through my family, my friends and my work, I discover many good reasons to be happy every day….


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