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Design IO at the Kinderbiennale 2021

19. November 2021 | 0 comments

Why did you choose to exhibit at the Kinderbiennale?

We really like the context of the Kinderbiennale, where the approach of ‘what would an Art exhibit for children look like?’ treats children with respect. Our work fits in well to these types of Exhibitions, as there often isn’t a goal or fixed objective, but simply an interactive experience that is designed to allow children to explore and play in an unstructured way that supports their own interests and objectives.

Why is it important to create an artwork about human interactions in times of pandemic?

The last couple of years have been a really critical time for many children, who might have missed out on their education, social development and interaction with other kids. While we are still not out of the woods yet, I think reminding kids and families of the joys of cultural events, going to an exhibit and interacting with one another is important. I think our work and the Kinderbiennale will bring novel experiences and joy to families of Dresden and provide some welcome relief from the pandemic routine.

What is the idea of DESIGN I/O? How did you start as a team?

We started developing our work about 14 years ago at a similar children’s festival called Cinekid in Amsterdam. They had an exhibition of Media Art aimed at children and we developed a very ambitious project ( at the time ) called Funky Forest. We were so excited by the way children interacted with Funky Forest that we decided we had to keep making this type of work. A few years later we started Design I/O ( 2010 ) and have been making work at the intersection of art, design and storytelling ever since.

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