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Freedom of thought? Interview with Research Assistant Professor Dr. Ramón Reichert

08. October 2021 | 0 comments

Why did you decide to become a scientist?

Freedom of thought, critical reflection and openness for innovation and openness to innovation and networking fascinate me about the scientist.

Which topic interests you most and why?

As a knowledge broker and basic researcher, I am constantly trying to broaden my horizons and to deal with new fields of knowledge. The diversity of topics that this makes possible leads to a productive interconnection of heterogeneous topics, which also which can also go beyond the subject-related boundaries of scientific knowledge.

What would you most like to read in a science blog?

Topic-related news on project reports, basic research, funding perspectives, CfP, collaborative research projects and cooperation opportunities, essay-framed discussion forums.


Research Assistant Professor Dr. Ramón Reichert
Department Art & Education
University of Art and Design
Hauptplatz 6
A-4010 Linz

Lecturer at the Institute of Art Sciences and Art Education
Department of Cultural Studies
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7
A-1030 Vienna
Twitter: Ramón Reichert
Skype: ramon_reichert

EU-project coordinator, Senior Researcher. “Adressing Violent
Radicalisation: A Multi-actor Response through Education”, ISF-P Funded.
Partners: CSI (Cyprus), Maynooth University (Ireland), Stichtung VU
(Holland), Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany). 2020-2021

Co-Editor Journal Digital Culture & Society:

Columbia University Press, “Digital Citizens”:

Head of the post-graduate master’s course Data Studies at the Danube
University Krems:

Lecturer in Contextual Studies
School of Humanities and Social Sciences, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Expert evaluator on behalf of the European Commission:

Reviewer MIT Press

Reviewer on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research:

Current publications:

Digital Citizens:

Social Machine Facebook:



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